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Welcome to Victims of Pornography.Org

A project of Citizens for Community Values


Contact Vickie Burress, National Coordinator

of the Victims of Pornography Month at 513-733-5775

  Citizens for Community Values


A growing number people and organizations 

are recognizing the many victims of pornography.


Why? Speaking on behalf of the countless victims of pornography, 

poet Amber Smith poignantly state it this way:


A Victims Whisper

Once you've heard my story

Can you feel the pain?

Must I walk this cold, dark path?

Silenced by the shame?


Who will take a stand for me?

To say I'm not alone?

Who will take the pain I've felt,

And let the cost be known?

Author Amber Smith



Below is a partial list of those you may contact for interviews, speaking engagements and advice.


  • Scott Bergthold – 423-899-3025 – Expert attorney in zoning, license and regulation of sex businesses
  • Phil Burress - 513-733-5775 - Former 25 year pornography addict, now combating pornography as President Citizens for Community Values
  • Vickie Burress -  513-733-5775 - Former wife of porn addict, Director of victim assistance and youth outreach
  • Tammy Dahl – 352-483-1811 - Former exotic dancer now helping girls who want to walk away for the strip club industry 
  • Steve and Kathy Gallagher - 859-824-4444 - Former porn addict and wife, Counselors of Pure Life Ministries (a live in facility for sexual addicts)
  • Rob Jackson  719-593-8382 - Counselor of young pornography addicts
  • Bill Johnson - 231-924-4050 - Effectively targets offensive TV and radio advertisers
  • Jan LaRue – 202-488-7000 - Expert attorney on pornography issue with Concerned Women for America
  • Bob Peters – 212-870-3222 - Attorney and former porn addict and President of Morality in Media
  • Dr. Jeffery Satinover – 203-454-3200 - Psychiatrist, lecturer and author of “The Quantum Brain.” Testifies to brain activity in pornography users and its affects.
  • Rick Schatz  - 513-521-6227 - Works with churches educating about the harm of pornography
  • Buddy Smith – 662-844-5036 - Working with corporations that invest in the distribution of indecency on TV and in local communities as Vice President of American Family Association
  • Daniel Weiss -  719-548-5998 - Pornography analyst with Focus on the Family
  • Pat Trueman – 202-624-3011 - Former Chief of Child Exploitation Obscenity Section US Justice Department
  • County Attorney Justin Verst – 859-491-5843 - Northern Kentucky prosecutor who has been instrumental in enforcing obscenity laws in his county, where now no hard-core pornography is pandered. 



Recognizing that pornography is affecting our families and friends...
is the key to changing lives.


Who are the Victims Of Pornography?

  • Boys and girls that have lost their innocence by viewing pornography at an early age.

  • Wives of men preoccupied with pornography and the sex industry.

  • Women who are being treated with disrespect and sexually abused.

  • Young women trapped in an industry that exploits them and uses them as mere sex objects.

  • Children used for the sexual satisfaction of fathers, stepfathers, and men they trusted.

  • Young men exposed to a false image of sexuality.

  • Men who just can't stop using pornography or stimulating themselves while recalling those images.

  • A society that has become desensitized and dependent upon sex-charged images.

  • Neighbors that have increased crime and decreased property values because of the proliferation of pornography in their communities.

These people have real faces!





If you are a victim of pornography. . .there is hope!


Where can you turn?


 There are many resources available. Click below...

Victims of Pornography - Helpful Links






Tell us your story.  Everyone's story with regard to pornography is a little different. If you've been or are a victim of pornography and you have a story to tell, we'd love to hear from you. Many counselors claim that it is very therapeutic.  There is no need to include your name, unless you want to be contacted. It just might be that your story may help someone else who is a victim of pornography. Write us at 11175 Reading Road, Suite 103, Cincinnati, OH 45241







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